Six Weird Food Things About Me, Another Meme

Kate in the Kitchen tagged me for this meme a little while back, and since nothing much at all happened this week, I’m going to let this be my weekly roundup instead. No cooking updates this time; I was on my own all week, so I cooked a couple of good soups (posted the recipes yesterday) and ate leftovers most meals.

Six Weird Food Things About Me

1. I will not eat olives because I don’t like the texture. I love olive oil, though, and I don’t mind tapenade. I cannot figure this one out, but would like to get over my olive aversion before traveling to any Mediterranean countries.

2. I am the third best cook in my family. My father and brother are naturally great cooks. My father did most of the cooking for us when I was growing up, and my brother has worked in a bakery. They make it look easy — especially baking — so everything I do is just trying to play catch-up.

3. My father thinks I make great salads, though. Salads are the only thing I almost never make from a recipe.

4. I systematically catalog every recipe from my cookbooks that I want to try. I index each recipe that I do try with my variations under various categories in my cooking notebook. This is the extremely organized (some might say anal) side of me expressing itself.

5. My weirdest cooking experience: When I was in 7th grade science camp (yes, I am a nerd from way back), we dissected squid in lab. We then cooked the squid over Bunsen burners and ate it with pine needle tea that we brewed ourselves.

6. I never eat squid or octopus anymore, because I suspect they are intelligent in ways that we don’t understand.

And a bonus: I took two semesters of Italian in college just so I could read menus in good Italian restaurants.

There you have it. I’m not sure these things count as particularly “weird,” but I’m not sure I am particularly weird either, despite what some might say about me. I’m not going to tag anyone back, but if you want to contribute, please leave a link in the comments.



3 thoughts on “Six Weird Food Things About Me, Another Meme

  1. cooknkate 21 January 2007 at 4:28 pm

    Oh man…..I LOVE olives! Those olive bars in the gourmet grocery stores KILL me!

  2. cookingchat 22 January 2007 at 8:41 pm

    I too love olives! I guess compared to you I’m very laid back about how I organize (or not) my recipes!

  3. cookingandrecipereviews 22 January 2007 at 9:40 pm

    I’m with you on the texture of olives which is strange because I enjoyed them as a child. I used to put them on my finger tips and wiggle them around. I use olive oil in almost every dish I make and I don’t mind some uses my mother comes up with but like tapenade they have to be generously chopped.

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