The Brou-ha-ha Over Foie Gras

Brian Unger of NPR is the latest to weigh in on Wolfgang Puck’s decision to make his restaurants “cruelty-free,” including no longer serving foie gras, and his commentary is the most sensible yet. With all this concern about the eaten, he asks, what about the eater? Restaurant patrons mocked by waiters for ordering tap water, force-fed on Las Vegas buffets and packed into too-small spaces and told it’s romatic. Hear, hear! (Listen to the entire commentary on NPR’s website.)

I personally have managed to live a rather pleasant life without ever eating fatty liver (or foie gras, if you want to class it up), but then again, I haven’t eaten a steak in 15 years either. Any effort to make the raising and slaughtering of animals more humane and more sustainable gets a big thumbs up from me. I think foie gras is a convenient target because it’s perceived as a luxury item, but Puck will also be supporting small farmers and doing his part to preserve the environment in his efforts to responsibly serve cage-free eggs, sustainably caught seafood, and unconfined pork and veal.


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One thought on “The Brou-ha-ha Over Foie Gras

  1. cooknkate 27 March 2007 at 7:21 am

    I honest to God do not understand the adoration afforded to foie gras. I have tasted it on several occasions, (and the good stuff too according to those ‘in the know’) hoping to find the holy grail that others speak of, and all I can think of is “cat food” and my only reaction has been a well placed and forceful “YUK”

    So I guess I don’t care if it’s banned. I do, however, applaud the ban of trans fats. That’s one I can understand.

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