Need to Detox

After three weeks of either eating out because I’m traveling or stress-eating because I’m gearing up for the next big launch/presentation/demo, I can see and feel the toll it has been having on my body. I feel bloated, I’ve gained back what little weight I had lost, and I feel an urgent need to detox. To avoid alcohol and sugar and even meat. To consume mass quantities of vegetables and broth and fruits.

Under normal circumstances, I eat very sanely. I stick to three meals a day, only one of them a large meal, and I rarely snack. I indulge in dessert about once a week. But when I get under stress, all that goes out the window. I don’t feel hungry, necessarily, just craving the comforts that food can bring. And since I’m too busy to cook or away from my kitchen, the foods I go for are all too often fried or fatty or sweet. Then I start to feel sick, which adds to the stress.

This past week I was in Washington, D.C., and I tried very hard to eat well, but that can be nearly impossible when you’re eating out all the time. Restaurants put more fats in their foods than I do when I’m cooking; that’s why restaurant food tastes so good. But here are some of my tasting notes from the week:

  • Because I work at a nonprofit where many people are vegetarian, the lunches provided were very healthy, with a wide selection of salads and fruit for dessert as well as sweets — this is rare at conferences and workshops, so I’m thankful
  • The best-named meal I had all week (not necessarily the best meal) was the Bowl of Spring, which was gnocchi in a light cream sauce with asparagus tips, peas, mushrooms and I can’t remember what else
  • The best meal I had was at a rather expensive Italian restaurant next to the hotel: salmon-stuffed ravioli with a smoked salmon, lemon and cream sauce — yummy!
  • Finally, the night before a big presentation, it is never a good idea to eat sushi and drink sake, no matter how ridiculously good both of them are; your digestive system will not thank you

The presentation went extremely well, regardless, and now that I am back home and I have had my first good night’s sleep in weeks, I am ready to return to the straight and narrow. I predict at least two weeks’ of home cooking, focusing on healthy, vegetable-laden recipes, and of course, I will share the best of those with you.


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