How Does Your Garden Grow?

Even though it’s been an unusually chilly, rainy May (in keeping with the rest of the odd weather this year — balmy winter, cold spring, what will summer bring?), the front garden is going bonkers. This small area next to the front porch is dedicated to bulbs and perennials, with some pots for annuals and a rock circle for perennial herbs. It is only Year 2 for this garden but already, the herbs are spilling over their borders into unclaimed territory.

Front Garden

Here is a front shot of the herb circle:

Herb Circle

That’s mountain sage in the front. From left to right are chives, barely visible; some kind of leafy thyme, varietal already forgotten; a buried rosemary plant (don’t worry — there’s a monster rosemary by the mailbox, so I have plenty); and lemon balm. Some tarragon is under there, but I don’t hold out hopes for its survival. Not visible in the front is lavender and bee balm, and in the back, the more typical creeping thyme, which is making a slow but steady beeline for the house.

I only plant perennials in the ground so I can forget about them from year to year. Parsley, basil, dill and marjoram are currently growing in pots on my deck where they can get more sun, but they are not as happy this cold spring. Mint is doing very well behind the garage, where it can go wild with abandon.

For phase 2 of our gardening project, this weekend we put in two 8X4 vegetable beds in the side front yard, the only truly sunny spot on our property. Let’s hope that by the end of the summer we have tomatoes, peppers and sweet potatoes galore to go with all those fresh herbs.

I’ve been doing too much gardening (and working) lately and not enough cooking. I hope I’ll have more recipes to share this week.


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