Serious Comfort Food

Let’s say you’ve had a week like mine. A week where you stayed late at the office nearly every night and still didn’t feel like you got on top of all the work clamoring to be done. A week where you received 3 new project assignments, all of which need to be done by the end of June, and by the way, June 30 is the deadline for pretty much everything else you’re working on. A week where the person who provides support and de-stressing services is on the wrong coast.

So you come home on Friday, tired and stressed, to a bare pantry and an empty house. This is what you should make (with thanks to Marcella Hazan for the recipe).

Start by boiling a couple of potatoes until they’re tender. Let them cool, then peel them (or not — I didn’t). Mash them up. Sauté some onions in butter and pour them over the potatoes. Beat 3 or 4 eggs and add them to the mix. Combine them all with salt and pepper. Thinly slice some basil leaves and mix them in. Finally, throw in a healthy amount of grated Parmesan.

Heat some butter over medium and spread the mixture in the pan. Cook until the eggs are nearly set. Run the whole thing under the broiler to set the top. Slice into wedges. Eat with toast.

This Basil Potato Frittata is probably one of the most comforting, feel-good meals I have ever eaten. It reminded me of Potato Croquettes but even more homey and simpler to make. Food does have the power to heal, and this frittata nicely healed my frazzled soul.

On an unrelated note, here’s some handy advice. If you are preparing with your brother a belated mother’s day dinner for your mom, it is probably not a good time to experiment and make — just as an example — Raspberry-Chile Sorbet. At least Mom said it was “interesting.” She’s cool that way.

Here’s some more comfort food for you from Slashfood.


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One thought on “Serious Comfort Food

  1. Marty 21 May 2007 at 5:30 pm

    I miss fritatta.

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