Christopher Walken Cooks a Chicken

I love this video of Christopher Walken cooking a chicken with pears in his home, not only because Christopher Walken is so cool but also because the video is so home-video-like. I also like to sometimes narrate my recipes while I’m cooking them, but of course, I am not a cool movie star and neither is the video camera running at the time.

I have to say, though, that I think Alton Brown would be appalled at Walken’s lackadaisacal approach about spreading chicken-borne bacteria around his kitchen. He is definitely not practicing the 4 C’s, as far as I can tell.

This site, Im Cooked, where the Walken video is posted looks like a lot of fun — it is a video-sharing site focused entirely on cooking-related videos.


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One thought on “Christopher Walken Cooks a Chicken

  1. Joon 25 September 2007 at 3:31 pm

    Yes, I’ve been to Im Cooked, but I like Flavorshare way better.

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