Pregnancy, My Body and Food

I have to admit, I really like being pregnant.

Sure, there are many things I don’t like about it. The water retention, the sleep deprivation, the back pain, the ligament stretching, the heartburn. Other stuff I won’t mention. But those things seem minor compared to the two big reasons I do like it.

For the first time in my adult life, I feel like I have not only accepted my body, but actually love my body. It is as if all my body image issues have flown out the window. Perhaps it is because I feel as if my body has a purpose now. Perhaps it is because once you’re pregnant, the pressure to be thin and sexy is off (at least, it was for me). Or most likely, it’s that my perspective has widened — it isn’t all about me anymore. Regardless of the reason, I feel more comfortable with myself than I ever have before, and I love the sense of peace and contentment that goes along with that.

The other reason I love being pregnant is that I feel much more connected with what my body needs, especially in terms of food, than I ever have before. I’m also more attuned to when my body needs sleep, water, rest, exercise. As a result, I feel very healthy right now, and I think that has helped me have an easier pregnancy.

The connection is especially strong when it comes to eating. I haven’t had cravings, per se, but I have had very strong desires for vegetables, fruits, milk, yogurt and protein. And I have found myself wanting sugar, fats, wine and fried foods much less than I thought I would, once I could stop worrying about gaining weight. I have started trusting my body, eating when it tells me to, stopping when I feel full. When I don’t obey these feelings, I get instant feedback; I am bloated and uncomfortable. This sense of connection to my body and what it needs to fuel itself has been very satisfying for me as a lover of food and as a cook.

My goal is to continue these positive changes even after my pregnancy. It may take more conscious will on my part, but the benefits are undeniable.



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