Mark Bittman Shows Us How to Make Crustless Quiche

Here’s a great little video from Mark Bittman showing how to make quiche without making the time-consuming pie crust. I personally don’t make pie crust, but I love quiche, so this is an attractive idea for me. (I also love pie, but that is an example of where I appreciate it more when someone else who really knows what they’re doing does the hard work for me.) You can probably figure out how to make the crustless quiche without the video — just pour the filling into ramekins and bake instead of pouring into a crust. Here’s the recipe without the video.

Bittman also provides a nice definition of deconstructing a recipe:

Extract what’s best about the recipe or the aspect you want without making the whole thing.

If you don’t know who Mark Bittman is, he wrote the essential kitchen reference, How to Cook Everything, as well as a nice little cookbook I’m cooking now full of very simple and quick recipes, The Minimalist Cooks Dinner. He writes the Minimalist column for the New York Times and has a great blog called Bitten.


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