Good News: Americans Return to the Garden

We’ve been having a lot of fun in our garden this year, which occupies two vegetable boxes in our side front yard and a large herb circle in our front yard. We have gotten all our plants either at the farmers market or our local nursery, since this year we are boycotting Home Depot. Why? Because my husband couldn’t find any topsoil or peat moss there that wasn’t already spiked with Miracle Gro. Since we compost, we don’t need to add any chemicals to our garden, but Home Depot no longer offered the choice. So they’re no longer getting our business.

This year, we are growing lots of herbs and several different kinds of tomatoes. We have also planted cucumbers, Japanese eggplant, jalapenos and serrano peppers. My husband is already thinking about building more boxes for even more food and flowers.

Seems like we’re part of a trend. In the wake of skyrocketing food prices, more people seem to be racing to turn their lawns into gardens. This is a good thing for so many reasons: It’s helpful for the environment, it saves money, it’s good exercise, it’s spiritually rewarding to grow and eat your own food. This article from Tigers and Strawberries, “Americans Return to the Garden,” takes a look at this trend and provides some very helpful resources for newbie gardeners.


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