But I don’t want plastic bags! Really, I don’t

So the plastic bag saga at my local grocery store continues.

This time, I brought plenty of bags with me to contain all my groceries. I put them all in the bagging area and was busily bagging my own groceries when the bagger strolled over. I let him finish up the bagging while I went to pay, and then I noticed that he was ignoring all of my bags spread out everywhere and was bagging my groceries in plastic!

Of course, I made him re-bag everything. But I have to say that I’m getting really tired of the passive-aggressive tactics these baggers are using. I’d rather bag the groceries myself and put the kid out of a job if that is the only way I’m going to get to use my own bags.

I’m ecstatic that a branch of our local food co-op has opened only 5 minutes from my house. They actually want you to bring your own bags, and now that food costs have shot up, the co-op is no more expensive than the chain grocery store. And they have a better produce selection. And wine. And cheese. And fresh-baked bread.

So why do I even bother to go to that other grocery store anymore? Well, I have to furnish my husband’s coke habit (that’s Coca-Cola, not the other kind). And the co-op charges ridiculously high prices for some normally very cheap staples like baking soda and white vinegar.

But I don’t like having to yell at some teenager just to get him to put my groceries in my reusable bag!


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One thought on “But I don’t want plastic bags! Really, I don’t

  1. froggylove 31 July 2008 at 9:43 am

    Oh I just hate this. We bring our own bags, too. Everytime we do, we get THE LOOK. You know either the eye roll or the “why cant I just do things my way, you crazy lunatic with 5 kids”. You know the one. Anywho, if we run out of bags, I want things put into paper bags, which they get crazy about too.
    Hey, Im trying to do my small part. Plus they are going to start a 25cent bag tax here. PLUS, I already bought all my bags, and I should get brownie points for remembering to actually bring them in the store this time. (BTW, Ralph’s grocery store credits you 5cents for every bag you bring in. SCORE!)

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