I Have a Simple Dream

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When I fantasize about what I want my life to be like, I don’t imagine huge mansions or a jet-setting lifestyle. Instead, I think I’d like to live on a little more land (without a homeowners’ association) so I can have a bigger vegetable garden, a few chickens and a goat or two.

Yep, that’s my dream. To own a goat.

Besides being super-cute, goats have a lot of benefits. They are nature’s lawn mowers, and they produce manure for free. Then there’s the milk, and all the things you can make out of it. Like cheese!

But the point is the lifestyle that I’d like to achieve someday is quiet, simple, routine, organized around physical tasks like taking care of animals and a garden and cooking. Isn’t it funny how the more technologically advanced we get, and the more hectic our modern lives are, the more we long to go back in time a bit? Maybe it’s not the most exciting life I can imagine, but it sure seems like it would be the most fulfilling.

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One thought on “I Have a Simple Dream

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