Foodiest Small Town: Durham and Chapel Hill (Two Towns in One)

Town of Carrboro, North CarolinaImage via Wikipedia

Hey, y’all! I just saw that Durham-Chapel Hill has been named Bon Appetit‘s Foodiest Small Town. I do live in a great place for food. But finally, the world recognizes that we’re more than just basketball.

First, I’d better clear up a misconception. Durham and Chapel Hill are actually two different towns. For some reason, people like to hyphenate towns around here and turn them into one thing (Raleigh-Durham, anyone?). Durham, in my opinion, has the best restaurants around here. I live somewhere between them, in Hillsborough. I noticed that a Hillsborough restaurant and the Carrboro farmer’s market were also featured in the article.

Why are we foodiest? We’ve got great farmers’ markets — two in Hillsborough alone — and lots of local farmers producing fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, bread, preserves and soap.  We’ve got a ton of good restaurants, many nationally known. And we’ve got lots of options when it comes to sustainable and organic eating. This article made me appreciate how lucky I am to be living here.

Check out the article. There are recipes!

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One thought on “Foodiest Small Town: Durham and Chapel Hill (Two Towns in One)

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