It must seem like I never cook anymore

I know I haven’t been posting a lot of recipes lately. It’s not that I’m not cooking. I am actually cooking a lot. But I am cooking with a 7-month-old, so things have been different.

For one thing, the baby goes to bed around 7:30-8, which is when we used to eat dinner. Factor in the bedtime routine, and that’s a lot of time that I used to spend cooking that I don’t have available anymore. We were eating dinner after he went to bed, but I guess we are not sophisticated big-city folks, because the late dinners aren’t cutting it anymore. Since my husband doesn’t get home from work until 7:00 some nights, things can be rather squeezed around dinnertime.

As a result, I’ve fallen back on old favorites, like hearty pastas and big dishes of scrambled eggs, that I know I can make quickly without a recipe. It makes for good eating but not very good blogging. And I haven’t had the time to take halfway decent photos, which is a must for food blogging. Geez, what do you people want from me, anyway?

Football season is here, which means I get Sunday afternoons to myself. I’m planning to put my football widow status to good use, by cooking more, trying out new recipes and (I hope) blogging about it at least once a week.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with another cute pic of the baby, because this is what it’s all about, after all.

Happy Sean

Happy Sean


One thought on “It must seem like I never cook anymore

  1. dylan555 21 October 2008 at 10:50 am

    You’ve made some great soups lately. After being on the road, it’s nice to come home to a flavorful meal. I get tired of restaurants even when they’re good.

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