What’s Cooking in February

I have declared February to be “Clean Out Your Freezer Month.” We have a small, standalone freezer in the garage, and it is going to need defrosting soon. What better month than February to try to eat through all the who knows what’s in there and get ready for the eagerly awaited produce of spring and summer that’s going to need freezing. (Can you tell I’m getting a little stir crazy? Happens every year about this time.)

Besides, I figure instituting an annual Clean Out Your Freezer month — a month during which I try to include at least one thing from the freezer in every meal while buying no new freezeables — helps ensure that there’s never anything older than a year in there. Because no matter how well you keep track, it’s sometimes hard to say what’s lurking in the depths of the freezer.

So I’ll be looking for recipes to cook that take advantage of frozen veggies and meats. Lately, I’ve also been wanting to cook simple, homey meals that are warming but not too time-consuming. And I have been wanting to eat healthier. I am ridding the house of candy and chips in favor of dried and fresh fruit, nuts and whole-grain crackers.

Here are some recipes from around the web that seem to fit right in:

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3 thoughts on “What’s Cooking in February

  1. pam 31 January 2009 at 9:33 pm

    Since I just filled mine in November with a side of beef, there will be no cleaning it out in a month. But I do plan on cooking almost entirely from it, only adding some fish and chicken.

  2. What’s Cooking in March « Simply Cooking 28 February 2009 at 1:33 pm

    […] Clean Out the Freezer Month was officially a success. All I have to do to finish is make a big pot of chicken stock. Of course, there are still plenty of cube steaks and leftover pizza, but that stockpile is my husband’s doing, and it is up to him to diminish it before I pull the plug. Once the freezer is clean and defrosted, I’m looking forward to filling it again with all the great produce of spring and summer, and the meals I will make from it. I am ready for spring! […]

  3. […] is here. For me, that means it’s Clean Out the Freezer Month, so it can be defrosted. I’m also naming this Clean Out the Fridge Month, because my […]

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