What’s Cooking in March

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Clean Out the Freezer Month was officially a success. All I have to do to finish is make a big pot of chicken stock. Of course, there are still plenty of cube steaks and leftover pizza, but that stockpile is my husband’s doing, and it is up to him to diminish it before I pull the plug. Once the freezer is clean and defrosted, I’m looking forward to filling it again with all the great produce of spring and summer, and the meals I will make from it. I am ready for spring!

Speaking of spring, I hope you are thinking about your garden. We are. We plan to add another box for growing vegetables to our side/front yard, making a grand total of three plus the herb garden and a still rather empty front bed. I have been reading Great Garden Companions for ideas on vegetables, herbs and flowers to plant together for the beneficial effects and to prevent weeds from growing; I also think the boxes will look more attractive with the flowers and vegetables mixed together in a wild and colorful jumble. I highly recommend the book for its inspirational value.

I have been thinking a lot about this blog recently. When I first started this blog, back in October of 2006 (whoa!), I conceived of it as a personal cooking journal, a place where I could record my favorite recipes, cooking tips, and whatever I was learning about cooking and gardening at the time. I wasn’t really aware of the gigantic food blogging community at first, but I quickly became aware. I was blown away by the number of high-quality food blogs out there, with their engaging writing and professional-quality photographs. For a while, I thought I needed to compete on that level, and I was bummed that I couldn’t. This is just a hobby for me. I cook to get dinner on the table, and I don’t have a lot of time to spend developing recipes or taking hundreds of photographs. To be honest, I am not the world’s greatest photographer, anyway, although I do think I am a decent writer. But I have found myself holding back on posting a recipe because I didn’t get any good pictures to go along with it or I hadn’t made it enough times to really perfect it.

This past month, I decided to try to return this blog to its original reason for being: a personal recipe and cooking/gardening journal. I have gone back to posting my favorite recipes, even if I have no photographs to accompany them. This blog is primarly for my own enjoyment and use, but I do hope my regular visitors still get value out of it. I hope you enjoy the recipes and if you have suggestions for improving them, please leave those in the comments so we can all learn together.

Here’s looking ahead to spring and new beginnings. Cheers!

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One thought on “What’s Cooking in March

  1. pam 28 February 2009 at 10:10 pm

    A blog should be what you want it to be.

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