Gardening Notes: So what happened to spring?

So what happened to spring? I have no idea, but I feel gypped. Last week it was still rainy and in the 50s. Now it’s sunny and pushing 90. No transition. To make matters worse, our air conditioner is broken, but who would have thought we’d need it so badly at the end of April?

It sure looks like spring in our neighborhood, with all the azaleas and irises in bloom. But we really didn’t get any of those gorgeous 70-degree days where everything smells new and full of life and looks so impossibly green. I am more than a little depressed about there being no spring, but I am still holding out hope that the weather will return to normal and we’ll have a nice May.

My husband finished mulching a path around the vegetable boxes and put in some paving stones. It looks very nice, much more intentional. I planted lemon-scented geraniums in some pots and put them on either side of the first paver.

Since we’re getting summer temperatures, we’d thought we’d go ahead and plant some tomatoes. It may be early, but that just means an early harvest. We already had enough tomatoes to fill two boxes, plus some peppers, basil and marigolds. We still have one empty box, where I plan to put in vine-y plants like melons, squash and cucumbers. Then I’ll fill in the holes with more herbs and flowers.

I have no photos this week, but my husband is also keeping a gardening blog, and I think he will post some.


2 thoughts on “Gardening Notes: So what happened to spring?

  1. outdoor cooking equipment 28 April 2009 at 4:31 am


    Here’s the plan: Get out into the garden, start up your stove or your grill, get those stockpots out and start reliving the outdoor cooking dream. Food tastes so much better when cooked outdoors; just go for it and the indoor airconditioning can go hang!


  2. […] Gardening Notes: So what happened to spring? ( […]

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