What’s Cooking in May

Lately, I have been doing more improvisational cooking — cooking based on what I have available to me rather than a set recipe. Usually, I freely adapt a recipe I want to make to use of what I’ve got, but more and more I’ve simply been making it up as I go along. And I have really been enjoying the results! Plus, I feel like my cooking has gotten more creative and freer, since I’m not a slave to the recipe. So far, I have been inspired by herbs in my garden. Now that we have begun planting vegetables and the farmers markets are starting back up again, I expect further inspiration from all the fresh fruits and vegetables that will soon be available.

I’ve also been doing more of what I call “building block” cooking. I’ll make something early in the week, such as a vinaigrette, an herb puree or roasted chicken breasts. As the week goes on, I look for new ways I can use what I’ve already made, such as to build a pan sauce, add flavor to sides like mashed potatoes or repurpose as pizza toppings. This has also been a fun way to cook, because I can cook when I have the time to do so, but when I am rushed, there is still something good in the fridge to eat.

I’m hoping I can find the time to post more of my improvised and building block recipes. My goal is to post one recipe a day. Of course, work and family obligations will likely get in the way, but that’s what I will strive for.


One thought on “What’s Cooking in May

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