Garden Notes: Planting the final vegetable box

As of today, all three garden boxes are planted out, although I may still fill in some holes with herbs, greens and flowers. No photos this time, as small sprouts aren’t very photogenic, but I’ll start taking some as they grow and fill out.

We planted more tomatoes than I thought we would, but they are our favorites, so why not? There are tomato plants in all three boxes. We filled in the third box with two zucchini and two cantaloupe, plus I allowed some room for sprouts from the compost to grow. I don’t know what they are, but based on past history, they could be butternut squash (I hope!), pumpkin or more cantaloupe (most likely). To fill in the holes, I added two arugula, two flat-leaf parsley, one dill, and several calendula and marigold plants. The flowers not only add some color to the vegetable beds, but they repel pests, according to Great Garden Companions.

Here’s another great tip from the same book: Save empty cans, such as coffee cans and large tomato cans. Use those to elevate vine fruit like melons off the ground, for better ripening and to help prevent rot.

Our front bed, where we have a lot of perennials, is going gangbusters. The lambs ear, daisies and sage have all come back strong. We filled in some holes with another variety of sage; even if I’m not going to use sage for cooking, I love the way the colored leaves of the different varieties look in the garden. We may put in a couple more perennials next weekend, but we are going to focus on flowers and filling in the pots.

Finally, I haven’t had to do a thing to my herb circle, since the lemon balm, bee balm and lavender have pretty much taken over and spread everywhere. It’s going to look gorgeous once the bee balm starts to flower in high summer.

That’s it for this weekend. I am really happy with the way the garden is coming together this year. Our plan of just doing a little bit of planting each weekend is very manageable and helps us see where gaps are as the plants grow and fill out.

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