What’s Cooking in June

I have to admit that I haven’t been too inspired in the kitchen lately, which is why the number of recipes I’ve been posting has decreased. I feel too tired and like I don’t have enough time to get creative with my cooking. I guess trying to chase after a toddler and work and take care of all the life-related things will do that.

One thing that has really been bothering me is waste, especially food waste. I just can’t stand to throw anything away, which means I’m trying to use up all the leftovers, even if the end results are uninspired. I think this is another side effect of having a toddler. I am surprised at all the waste that goes into feeding a toddler. I never know from one day to the next what he is eating at the time. He will boycott one thing for a month, and then it will be like he can’t get enough of it. Or he will be at ravenous at lunch for three days in a row, and then suddenly, he’s not eating lunch anymore. I still feel like I have to prepare a variety of things for him at each meal, so he gets some balance and there’s a better chance that he will actually eat one or two things. The remainder ends up going into me or the dog or the trash, none of which is a very good outcome. I’d appreciate any tips from parents in the know.

I’ll have to try these “monster noodles” from Bread & Honey; I think she knows where I’m coming from on the whole toddler eating issue. I also found some other recipes I like to fantasize about making, even if I never actually do it:


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