Chunky Chicken Minestrone

Last night I made a “chunky chicken minestrone,” which was inspired by, but didn’t exactly follow, a recipe found in Fresh Every Day. Now I have made a lot of minestrone, and I figure it’s essentially a hearty soup with a lot of stuff in it. Some kind of bean, some kind of pasta and canned tomatoes seem essential; the rest depends on what’s available. No recipe required.

This minestrone started with sauteed onions, carrots and garlic. On top of that, I added shredded chicken that had been poached in the broth, cannellini beans, canned whole tomatoes, chopped cabbage, green beans, oregano and a Parmesan rind for flavor. It was very tasty, especially on such a wicked cold day.

I don’t have any menu in mind for the week ahead, although I have lots of food. So I guess I’ll just have to get creative.

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