Bean and Potato Burritos

I am still trying to use up leftover bits of various things, and what better way to do that than to make burritos? With the burritos I made last night, I killed a half bag of new potatoes, a half can of beans, half an avocado, a quarter block of cheese and a few lonely romaine leaves. And they were quite tasty.

There’s really nothing to making burritos. Usually, I heat up the filling (steamed potatoes and canned beans, in this case) with some spicy seasonings. I roll the filling up in tortillas with some cheese and salsa. I bought prepared salsa because — let’s face it — making salsa in the dead of winter is a losing prospect. Instead of going for the gourmet brand, I bought the cheaper Herdez salsa (medium) and thought it was quite tasty. For a snack, I’ll probably bake some tortilla chips and eat the rest of it.

Roll up the burritos, sprinkle them with more cheese and salsa, and heat at 350 degrees until melty. Garnish with any uncooked things. I had shredded lettuce and diced avocado. Tasty, healthy and totally vegetarian. No recipe required.

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