Not Cooking Much Lately

It may seem like I’m shirking on my resolution to blog daily about my cooking this year, but the reality is that I haven’t been doing much cooking at all — certainly nothing much to write about. My husband’s mysterious GI problems continue, which means that the only foods he can eat without suffering horribly are beige foods without much seasoning or sauce. Dinners have been variations on chicken and potatoes and salad or eggs. Or if my husband doesn’t feel like eating at all, I throw together a sandwich for myself.

He has an appointment with a specialist next week, and we are both hoping they will figure out what is wrong. I miss cooking for him, and he misses eating what I cook.

Last night, he wasn’t home for dinner, so I tried a new recipe out of The Good Egg, which didn’t work out too well, in my opinion. The Good Egg is generally a good cookbook, but I suppose every cookbook has a few dud recipes, especially one so specialized. This recipe was for a thick tomato soup, with an egg poached in the soup and poured over croutons. It wasn’t bad, just weird — not something I would want to serve to anybody.

Posting will probably continue to be sporadic until we get this worked out. Think good thoughts for us.


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