Pasta, Risotto-style

Have you ever cooked pasta in the style of risotto? I got the idea from Mark Bittman, and I’ve done it a few times now. It really is delicious, and it’s so nice to have an alternative way to cook pasta that doesn’t involve bringing a gigantic pot of water to a boil (it’s probably more energy-efficient, too).

You can probably use any risotto recipe and simply substitute cut pasta for the rice. Last night, I made it using penne. I sauteed some mushrooms, onions and garlic in olive oil first. Then I added the pasta, stirred it around to coat it with oil, and added a little white wine. When that evaporated, I added the chicken stock, one-quarter cup at a time, until the pasta was cooked through. Just before it was done, I threw in some cubed chicken breast.

A different way to cook pasta is definitely appreciated.

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