Roasted Asian-style Chicken with Vegetables

Last night, I made one of our rare Asian-themed meals. I don’t often cook Asian, because I don’t usually have the necessary ingredients on hand, but this simple menu didn’t require many unusual ingredients. Also, it helped me clean out the refrigerator by using up the last of the tahini.

For the entree, I roasted chicken according to this method, but I added some mushroom caps and asparagus, cut into 2-inch lengths, to the roasting pan. I also added whole garlic cloves and shaved ginger. Unfortunately, the chicken took a longer time to cook than I thought, so I had to remove the vegetables halfway through or they would have turned to coal. But roasted vegetables taste good whether they’re piping hot or just warm, so all was not lost. When the chicken was finally done, I poured a mixture of soy sauce and lime juice over it on top of the stove. It didn’t take long for the liquid to reduce to a thick glaze in the hot pan. The whole dish was really simple and delicious.

On the side, I served Sesame Noodles vegetarian-style (which was where I used the tahini). I was able to make them ahead of time since they taste just as good at room temperature. My husband really liked the noodles, and I think they made a hearty accompaniment to the chicken and vegetables.

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