Broiled Chicken with Creamy Spinach

This was a quick and tasty weeknight entree that could be spiced up any number of ways. I used chipotle powder (available from Penzey’s), which is a wonderful way to add a little smoke and heat, but you could substitute any spice or even salsa.

I sprinkled 2 chicken breasts with the chipotle powder and salt, plus a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream. I broiled them for 5 minutes or so, until they had browned on top. Then I removed them from the oven, flipped them and poured over another ½ cup of cream. They went back into the oven to broil until done. (The chicken pieces were thick, so this took about 10 minutes, and I had to flip them another couple of times.) The cream got very bubbly and browned in spots as the chicken cooked.

When the chicken was done, I removed it from the pan and put it in the oven, now turned off, to keep warm. I scraped the cream into a pot, added ½ cup stock and a bunch of spinach leaves, washed and stemmed. I brought the mixture to a boil and cooked, stirring all the while, until the spinach wilted and the liquid thickened. Voila! Creamed spinach. Serve with the chicken and some crusty bread.

The idea for this dish came from Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen, although I didn’t follow his recipe exactly.

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