Stewed Spring Greens

My goal this year is to get better at cooking without recipes, and I think I am making progress. I have been practicing looking at what I have on hand and imagining what dishes I could make from those ingredients. Yesterday, what I had were three different types of greens that probably needed to be eaten. So I decided to slowly stew them and see what happened.

I heated some olive oil over medium in a very large pot, then added diced onion, sliced carrot and sliced celery. I sprinkled everything with salt. I let the vegetables soften while I washed and chopped the greens: spinach, escarole, bok choy (with the stems) and some celery leaves for good measure. I filled the pot with the greens and poured over a small amount of chicken broth. (Add a lot more broth and you’d have a pretty good soup.) I turned the greens with tongs a few times to mix them with the oil and cooked vegetables. Then I reduced the heat to low and covered the pot. I let the greens slowly stew for a good long while, turning them every now and then, until they had wilted nicely. There was just a little liquor left in the pot. I seasoned to taste with more salt and some pepper.

This was a really nice dish that would work with any combination of greens, I’d bet. And the season for greens is almost upon us! I served this with spaghetti with red sauce and a crusty bread.


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