Allowing Wildness in Our Gardens

One of my goals for this year is to get into my garden more. Not only do I want a more productive garden than we’ve had in recent years, but I crave the meditative aspects of working with dirt and plants.

I have learned that our garden is prone to weeds and needs daily (or almost daily) attention to keep it happy. But keeping a garden free of the most pestilent weeds doesn’t mean I have to take all the wildness of it. On the contrast, I’d love a garden that is overgrown with flowers, where herbs are running rampant and vegetables freely mix, regardless of type. This over on the National Wildlife Federation website has inspired me.

As with so many things, there is a middle ground to locate, a balance to be struck. I’m looking forward to discovering where it lies.

Let Your Garden Be a Wild Place (NWF)

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