Spinach & White Beans on Pasta

Has anyone tried to buy pine nuts lately? The cost is ridiculous (even more so than usual)! Apparently, there’s a worldwide shortage of them. At least, that’s what I heard. I like pine nuts, but not that much, thank you.

Anyway, last night’s dinner was simple, healthy, quick and good. While I was cooking the rigatoni, I sauteed a little slivered garlic in olive oil. I added a can of cannellini (drained and rinsed, natch), and seasoned it with some salt, pepper and Italian herbs. I let that heat through and then dumped in a bunch of trimmed, chopped spinach. I stirred it around until the spinach had wilted. Off the heat, I squirted over a little lemon juice. Pine nuts would have gone great in this dish, but alas, I had none, so I crumbled in some Asiago cheese instead. That worked great too. I served it over the cooked rigatoni.

When I read food blogs and articles these days, I see a lot of complaining about how expensive and time-consuming it is to eat healthy or eat vegetarian. I have not personally found this to be the case. Last night’s dinner is a great example. It took less than 15 minutes to make (not counting the time to bring the pasta water to a boil, which I spent reading) and was completely vegetarian. The canned beans were probably the most expensive thing in the dish ($1.99). I’m sure the entire dish, which could easily serve 4 people, cost less than a trip to McDonald’s for the same number of people.

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