Processed Foods Challenge Update

Easter eggs from France

Not the Easter eggs I made. Image via Wikipedia

I haven’t been posting my daily cooking updates lately because — guess what? — I didn’t cook all weekend. Except I did attempt to dye Easter eggs using natural dyes rather than the kits you buy in the grocery store. I failed miserably. Upon reflection, perhaps I shouldn’t have bought the brown eggs. D’oh!

Well, the holiday is over and it’s back to the routine for us. I went grocery shopping today and am pleased to report that I am still sticking to not buying any packaged foods. I stayed entirely on the periphery of the grocery store, with only a quick foray into the frozen foods aisle for edamame. And quelle surprise! My grocery bill was actually lower than usual.

My mother did attempt to undermine my packaged foods ban this weekend by bringing me marshmallow bunnies and Peeps! So far I have resisted the Peeps, but the bunnies were not so fortunate, I’m sad to say. Here’s one idea for what I might do with the leftover Peeps: Peepshi.

I hope everyone is enjoying the same beautiful spring weather we are. Perhaps it’s time to get into the garden and break out the grill!

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