Chicken Soup with Chipotle-Lime Broth

One of the benefits of avoiding packaged foods is rediscovering some of the simple pleasures of making basic ingredients yourself. Yesterday I made chicken stock, which filled my house with a wonderful, hunger-inducing aroma. Homemade stock has a quality that cannot be re-created in the packaged version, a rich fullness that makes you want to pick up your bowl and drink down the broth after finishing the soup.

I made enough stock to last me a while, I hope, but of course I couldn’t resist making a batch of soup right away. To flavor the soup, I simmered some of the stock for a while with spring onions, garlic and dried chipotles. The chipotles lent the broth a smoky spiciness that wasn’t too overwhelming. I also added the juice of one lime for some acidity and brightness.

To finish the soup, I added shredded, cooked chicken, spinach, corn and diced avocado as a garnish. It was light but satisfying, and good enough that I drank down the broth when I was finished.

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