Stecca: Another Easy No-Knead Bread

For a blossoming baker, Jim Lahey’s My Bread was probably the best investment I could have made. Besides his famous no-knead bread recipe, Lahey provides many variations on that same theme, giving lots of creative ideas for making bread with a minimum of effort, most illustrated by an ample number of photographs.

A certain baker in our family told me this week that he didn’t think it was possible to make “real” yeast bread without kneading. But I know myself. I was trepidatious about making bread anyway, and if I had to do a lot of kneading, I probably wouldn’t do it at all. If it’s a choice between no bread and no-knead bread, I’ll take the no-knead bread, thank you very much.

Yesterday I made stecca, which are the no-knead version of giant breadsticks. They are quite irresistible for snacking.

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