School Doesn’t Allow Processed Foods

A grade school in Arizona doesn’t allow kids to bring any processed foods for lunch, including products made with refined sugar and white flour. Are they going too far? Perhaps their restrictions are a little strict; a home-baked treat every once in a while is not a bad thing. On the other hand, they do allow Fritos as a whole-grain snack, which I would still define as a processed food.

I have to applaud the school’s effort on this, especially when we see public schools giving kids frozen pizza, strawberry milk, and french fries as vegetables, and calling it a healthy lunch (as shown on Jamie Oliver‘s Food Revolution). A school’s mission is to teach, and lunchtime presents a great opportunity to teach young kids about nutrition, good food choices and how to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. It provides parents a chance to learn how not to rely on the crutch of processed foods, as well.

However, it is healthy to give yourself a treat every now and then. No one needs to eat Oreos every day for lunch. But we also shouldn’t be such a slave to rules that we don’t allow ourselves to take pleasure in our food. I follow Michael Pollan‘s rule and make my own treats. That way, I know that I really deserve them!

No-Oreo Zone: Kids at school can’t bring processed foods

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