Gazpacho + French Bread

Well, I haven’t been keeping up with my goal of posting daily entries on this blog, have I? The truth is that I haven’t been inspired to write. I’m doing a lot of cooking, but I’m either making tried-and-true recipes that I’ve already blogged about or I’m trying new projects but I don’t feel like posting the recipes for various reasons. Anyway, here’s a sample of what I’ve been cooking lately.


This past week, I made a lot of good stuff, including — after a stop at a roadside vegetable stand — gazpacho. It’s nice to have cucumbers and tomatoes again. Gazpacho is great with lots of garnishes. Try avocado, red onion or homemade croutons. Here is my recipe.

French Bread

As part of my effort to reduce the amount of packaged foods I buy, I have taken to making my own bread. I have found that Mark Bittman’s recipes (in How to Cook Everything) offer the best compromise on flavor and effort. His recipes all use the food processor — I don’t have a standing mixer — so kneading time is minimal. I made this beautiful French loaf in just one day. This is the kind of bread you can make every day, if you like.

(Photos are courtesy of my husband. He posts them here.)

I may not be posting as much, but I hope you’ll keep checking in.

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