How to choose cantaloupes

Cantaloupes, yum!

I am patiently letting a cantaloupe ripen on the vine right now. Every day or so, I go out to the garden and tug gently on it in hopes that it will slip into my hands so I can have it for breakfast. But not yet, not yet.

I have already picked one cantaloupe, but it was a little before its time. It was starting to split and I was worried it would rot. The flavor and texture were reminiscent of cucumber, not at all the sweet, floral taste of a really ripe cantaloupe. (Actually, my homegrown cucumbers have been sweeter.)

So I wait for my second cantaloupe and try not to get impatient. Whether you get your cantaloupes from the market or the garden, Salon has posted a really useful guide to how to choose cantaloupes.



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