I’m on Cookbooker

So you may have noticed that the number of posts here has dropped off rather dramatically. The main reason for that is that I’ve been using Cookbooker a lot lately, so I thought I’d plug it here. Cookbooker is a cookbook and recipe database. You can add your cookbooks to your library, then rate and review the recipes you make and post pictures of them. What I most like about Cookbooker, though, is that you can read what other people have to say about the recipes in your cookbooks, and trade tips and experiences. There are also monthly challenges where everyone cooks out of the same cookbook, which are a lot of fun. I guess you could say that Cookbooker provides the social angle that I don’t get out of this blog. And it’s a lot easier to search my recipes.

So I’ve been posting my daily (or nearly daily) recipe notes over there. I’ll continue to use this blog to share favorite recipes and links, but I doubt I’ll post more than once a week or so.

I hope you’ll come try out Cookbooker. It’s free, and it’s definitely more fun with more people.


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