Farm to Fork 2011

I had no cooking challenge this weekend, because on Sunday, we went to the annual Farm to Fork picnic instead. Farm to Fork is a fun event in which local farms team up with local restaurants to offer tasting portions of dishes made from fresh, local food. It’s held on the Breeze Family Farm in Hurdle Mills, NC. This year, it benefited the Center for Environmental Farming Systems and Plant at Breeze Farm Enterprise Incubator.


There were a lot of great dishes, but our favorite this year was the one offered by Toast, which was teamed with Bluebird Meadows Far. They served arancini with grilled eggplant, Carolina gold rice and Chapel Hill Creamery smoked mozzarella on heirloom tomato passata. This was a zingy, smoky fried rice ball in a tomato sauce that just sang in my mouth. As a bonus, Toast was reviewed in the New York Times travel section last Sunday, along with other local favorites Rue Cler and Scratch Bakery.


Here were some of our other favorites of the evening: Chapel Hill Creamy mozzarella and tomato summer pudding from Magnolia Grill; heirloom tomato, cucumber and squash bruschetta with smoked corn aioli from Chef and the Farmer; fried bread-and-butter pickles from McAdams Farm & Market; and orecchiette Genovese from Il Palio. My husband loved the Stone’s Throw Pizza, my toddler sucked down two dreamsicles from Watts Grocery, and I enjoyed the wine offering from Wine Authorities. It was a great evening.


Attending Farm to Form is becoming a tradition for us. We can’t wait to go back next year.


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2 thoughts on “Farm to Fork 2011

  1. pam 28 June 2011 at 4:37 pm

    Sounds like fun!

  2. […] Instead of a cooking project last week, we attended Farm to Fork 2011. See more on Simply Cooking. […]

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