Happy Cows = Healthy Food

This is an optimistic, positive story that demonstrates that doing the right thing is not necessarily at odds with doing good business.

“Bob nervously began to experiment by withholding antibiotics. To his astonishment, the cows didn’t get infections; on the contrary, their health improved. He realized that by inserting antibiotics, he may have been introducing pathogens into the udder. As long as cows are kept clean and are given pasture rather than cooped up in filthy barns, there’s no need to shower them with antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, he says.

Many cows in America now live out their lives in huge dairy barns, eating grain and hay and pumping out milk. But evidence is growing that cows don’t do well when locked up, so now many dairies are reverting to the traditional approach of sending cows out to pasture on grass.”


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5 thoughts on “Happy Cows = Healthy Food

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  2. wartica 9 September 2012 at 1:23 pm

    I agree; I’m a full-fledged vegetarian, but if I ever ate meat again, I’d make sure the cows were grass-fed and lived in clean conditions:)


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  4. drjeff7 15 September 2012 at 12:51 am

    Nice post. I just linked to your article. I am a conventional Veterinarian who is questioning conventional practices…We are now raising free range chickens and pasture raised grass fed Red Poll Cattle. If you get around to it, check out my thoughts at http://heritagebreedsfarm.com

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