Springpad: A Web-based Recipe Box

I enjoy testing out web-based tools to see if they can make my cooking life easier. One recent discovery that I have found very useful is Eat Your Books. There is a small annual fee to join, but it’s worth it for what you get: an index of the recipes in most major cookbooks, categorized by type of dish, ingredients, cuisine and other factors. You can bookmark dishes to make, put together a printable shopping list, and rate and review recipes from your cookbooks.

While Eat Your Books has been a helpful tool for menu planning, I also needed a place where I can store recipes and access them quickly — a virtual recipe box. Eat Your Books enables subscribers to enter and save personal recipes, but I find the interface a bit too clunky for that purpose, particularly on my tablet.

A solution has been Springpad, which is free note-taking software. It has customized formats for different kinds of notes, including a recipe format. You can enter your own recipes into a notebook called Recipe Box and then tag them to make them easy to find. Even better, you can use a bookmarklet to “spring” recipes when you find them on different websites, and Springpad will add them to your virtual recipe box properly formatted as recipes, complete with photos. No typing required! Springpad provides a nice app that works well on my Android tablet, so it’s easy to access my recipes while cooking. This is definitely an improvement over my old method of copying all my recipes and printing them out to put in a three-ring binder.

Note: I am not affiliated with either Eat Your Books or Springpad. These are just tools that I love to use, and I want to recommend to you.


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