Broccoli Soup with Leeks and Thyme from Bon Appétit

I am not finding the time to post new recipes, as I hoped, but I can review some online recipes I discover. With millions of recipes to choose from, maybe this will help you decide what to make for dinner.

I had my doubts about this recipe for Broccoli Soup with Leeks and Thyme from Bon Appétit. It seemed very simple and like it might not be very filling. However, it turned out to have a really creamy texture–amazing because there is no cream or other thickener, like potatoes or flour, in the soup. The flavor is very simple but clean and refreshing. I would recommend using a very good quality chicken broth, or homemade stock, so that the soup has plenty of body, and puree it very well to achieve the creamy texture. You’ll end up with a healthy, light dinner entree.

This soup cannot carry a meal by itself. I served it with open-faced cheese toasts, broiled with cheddar and a little bacon, to give the meal more heft. I reheated leftovers for lunch the next day, adding cooked rice and crumbled bacon to the pot to make a heartier version of the soup.

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  1. perrytanko 28 May 2014 at 10:51 am

    Leeks are high in Vitamin A and Folic Acid, and they taste good (well atleast i think they do!)

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