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It’s time for me to admit that this blog has gone fallow. While I still enjoy cooking and learning new techniques, I no longer feel the need to document my endeavors in the kitchen. I’ll leave all the old recipes up for some time, but comments have been turned off so I don’t have to deal with the spam.

If you like my writing, please visit my main blog at I also post frequently on Google+, so circle me!

I’ll leave you with the 3 most important things I learned during my cooking odyssey:

  1. Plan ahead, but remain flexible. Plan out the main entrees for the week, but not the side dishes, to take advantage of fresh, seasonal and cheap produce in the grocery store or farmers market. Leave one night free for leftovers, impulses and inspiration.
  2. Prepare ahead as much as possible. Prep fresh fruits and vegetables to always have something healthy ready to eat when you’re hungry. Despite what some blogs say, it’s not necessary to prepare everything from scratch. It’s okay to buy prepped fruits and veggies if it means eating better as a result.
  3. Taste as you go, and add salt and acid. Seriously, if a dish tastes flat, a little salt and some vinegar or lemon juice works like magic to brighten and enhance flavors. I keep a bottle of sherry vinegar by the stove now.

Thanks for reading this blog over the years.

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