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Focus on Cookbooks

I’m trying not to be so slack on posting my weekly challenges, but that’s not working out very well, which comes as no surprise to me. I do have a nice challenge to post this week, a fresh and vegetable-packed fish meal that serves as an antidote to last week’s chicken fingers and fries. And just as a reminder, my husband picks the challenges so he can get some meals he really wants to eat — which doesn’t always mean healthy or dishes I love. That’s part of being a good home cook, I think: cooking to please others as well as yourself. Maybe next year, my toddler will pick the challenges (right now, making mac ‘n’ cheese and toast every week would get a little boring, I suspect).

I have also purchased some cookbooks lately that I am very excited about. They all focus on Southern cooking, so maybe I’m feeling drawn to my roots. Anyway, to keep my excitement high, I’m going to try to cook 8-12 recipes from each new cookbook over the course of a month. I’ll try to make something from every chapter. At the end of that time, I’ll post my reviews here. I hope this will be a fun project that will actually inspire me to use the new cookbooks that I buy.

The first cookbook I’ll be cooking from is Sara Foster’s Southern Kitchen.

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